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Memorandum from Marc Mercier, Chair OHA Board of Directors

Cambridge, ON – I am writing to announce and to let all stakeholders within the Ontario Hockey Association (“OHA”) know on behalf of the OHA Board of Directors (the “OHA Board”) of the hiring of Mark Tuck as Executive Director of the OHA with immediate effect.

As you will recall from the memorandum issued on August 16, 2023, Mark was appointed Acting Executive Director on an interim basis until a more permanent appointment could be made.  Following a critical review and consideration of Mark’s performance as Acting Executive Director by the OHA Board with the active involvement and support of senior leadership within the OHA’s 5 leagues (namely AAA Senior and AA Senior within Allan Cup Hockey, the Ontario Junior Hockey League, the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League and the Provincial Junior Hockey League) during the interim period, it was determined that making the appointment of Mark more permanent was in the best interests of the OHA and its members.

Mark comes to this important role at the OHA with over 25 years of active leadership experience in the game of hockey with an extensive background in the administration of the sport, as well as a resume filled with vast industry experience.  The OHA Board is committed to working closely with its leagues through the league commissioner and chair committees to help refine the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director position, as well as the key performance indicators connected with that role, prior to launching a nation-wide job posting, so that a permanent successor to Mark can be in place prior to or concurrent with the OHA’s annual general meeting in June of 2025 or June of 2026 at the latest.

During the interim period, Mark demonstrated to the OHA Board, as further validated through the process it deployed to elicit the support from the leagues in making Mark’s appointment for the next 18-30 months permanent, that he is a man with great character, experience and knowledge.  He is a wonderful person who is highly approachable, communicative and unconditionally committed to advancing Junior and Senior hockey in Ontario and to helping the OHA attain higher levels of success.

At the direction of the OHA Board and with the active involvement of the 5 leagues, Mark will continue to help drive the OHA forward with a dedicated focus on the development of coaches, support staff and officials and the enhancement of the player developmental experience within the OHA.  Mark will continue to serve as a key support resource to the 5 leagues and will work closely with the OHA Board Chair as the primary liaisons between the OHA and the Ontario Hockey Federation (“OHF”).

Going-forward, we ask that you reach out to Mark directly if you need anything at all.  His contact particulars are set forth below:

Mark Tuck

Executive Director

Ontario Hockey Association

Office:             (519) 622-2402 ext.102

Mobile:           (519) 365-1736

Email:             [email protected]

We are fortunate to have a great staff in place at the OHA.  They are continuing to work away on the various areas within their jobs and have also stepped up during the interim period by helping the OHA and Mark during this interim period with “business as usual”.  While change is inevitable within dynamic organizations like the OHA, we remain laser-focused on serving the needs of OHA members and all stakeholders within the extended OHA family and to help grow the game of hockey in Canada’s most significant hockey market.

The OHA was founded on November 27, 1890 and works for and on behalf of its members as the governing body for the majority of Junior and Senior hockey in Ontario under the auspices of the OHF.  Over the past 133 years, there have been lots of twists and turns along the way – change is constant, much like society at large continues to change.  Today, is one of those days where change is occurring and we are pleased to share the news of Mark’s appointment with you.

Any questions at all, please reach out to me or any member of the OHA Board at your convenience.

About the Ontario Hockey Association

The Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) was founded on November 27, 1890, and is the governing body for the majority of Junior and Senior hockey in the Province of Ontario.  The OHA is a Member Partner of the Ontario Hockey Federation which is one of thirteen Provincial and Regional Branches of Hockey Canada. 

It is comprised of three Junior hockey leagues and two Senior hockey leagues: Junior A – Ontario Junior Hockey LeagueJunior B – Greater Ontario Junior Hockey LeagueJunior C – Provincial Junior Hockey LeagueSenior  – Allan Cup Hockey (AAA) and Ontario Elite Hockey League (AA). For the 2023-24 season, these five leagues encompass 123 teams.

The objectives of the OHA are to foster and encourage the sport of amateur hockey, to conduct competition in the various categories established, to determine teams for entry into the inter-branch competitions that may be provided by Hockey Canada, and to provide for the affiliation of other hockey organizations.

The OHA provides administrative resources, coordinates programs, services and events for hockey participants and provides support to various Development Programs for coaches, officials, trainers and players, Safety and Risk Management Issues and offers resources for Harassment and Abuse education.


For more information or to set up an interview, please contact:

Chris McCleary

General Manager, Operations & Marketing                

Ontario Hockey Association                            

[email protected]  

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