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They Bought It

Stoney Creek Tigers Owner is Stopping Pucks and Building a Fan Base

by Dan Carle

Steelers goalie Daniel Svedin with two of his children Ayla and Dexter

Cambridge, ON – “I was so shocked on how good this hockey is.”

If you’re born and raised in Sweden (Hedesunda/Gavle) and something hockey-related is impressive, it’s memorable.

Allan Cup Hockey made that much of an impression, longtime senior hockey players Daniel Svedin and Canadian teammate and partner Chris Knighton went all-in and bought a team. “We are neighbours, so we got to talking a lot,” said Svedin, otherwise referred to as The Swede.

“You are not playing hockey every single day. I think the mind still thinks I am 25. The body is what is telling you: ‘No, you are not 25. You are a legit 41.’” This is likely the first instance in Canada where the starting goalie and a left-shot forward are not just one of the guys but are THE guys.

“This is our chance to hang out.” Svedin couldn’t be happier – if not a tad stiffer now into his third decade playing goal across Sweden, France, the Netherlands and Canada.

“I would lie if I said I’m not sore sometimes,” said Svedin, who was ACH goalie of the year last season at age 40 with the Hamilton Steelers.  

“You go by experience – read the play a little bit better. Stop moving so much.”

Svedin and Knighton were suddenly owners of the rebranded Stoney Creek Tigers after two frantic weeks in November, 2023. Game on, on the ice. Game on, off the ice.

“Start to build up for the years to come.”

Some months in, Svedin and Knighton rely on an army of hockey-loving volunteers to power this gem of Stoney Creek sports.

“So far we have been having a blast,” said Svedin, who met his Canadian wife Andrea in Lyon, France when he was playing third-division hockey and she studying French.

More than a decade in Stoney Creek and three athletic kids later, Svedin is entrenched on all fronts, including the front of his net.

“There are so many skilled players in the Allan Cup Hockey league,” he said. “It’s good for the people – not so flattering as a goalkeeper.”

Off the ice, Svedin sees the big picture. “In every business it is about who you have around you, right? You get to play against and with guys who were playing in the show.”

They are there for the love of the game. And that’s what needs to grow.

“We have tons of guys in the background and you don’t see their names. Can’t thank them enough.”

When Svedin started with the Stoney Creek Generals in 2013, the Allan Cup Hockey League had six teams.

“We had Thorold. Whitby was in. Brantford Blast was in,” Svedin said. “I think that’s where we should be at.”

As Director of Manufacturing for a prominent hot tub and spa manufacturer (“15,000 spas and another 4,000 swim spas is normal”), Svedin and his partner have taken on ownership as a labour of love for the game and community of 76,000.

By May of 2024, once the 2024 Allan Cup champion has been crowned, Knighton and Svedin might both remove themselves from the on-ice aspect of their responsibilities with the Tigers.

“The main goal and ultimate satisfaction would be to hoist the Allan Cup Championship trophy in April. That would allow both Chris and I to retire from playing at this level.    

“Hopefully we can squeeze out a couple of wins and create some good memories.”

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