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Meeting:      Held via ZOOM from 8:00am-10:30am

Board Present:        Marc Mercier (Chair), Don Robertson, Trevor Tinney, Curtis Clairmont, Dave Arsenault, Scott McCrory, and Frank Girhiny

League Representatives:    Rick Richardson (Senior), Terrence Whiteside (PJHL), Tim Simmons (GOJHL) and Marty Savoy (OJHL)

OHA Staff:    Mark Tuck and Chris McCleary

Meeting Synopsis

The OHA Board commenced its meeting with the Land Acknowledgement The Land Acknowledgement is one of the critical ways the ‘New OHA’ uses as an act of reconciliation recognizing the traditional territory of the Indigenous people who called and continue to call today the lands upon which OHA members play hockey “home”.  The OHA Board is committed to undertaking more work in this critical area and to work more closely with OHA members to promote reconciliation and partnership.

Three (3) scheduled motions for resolution at the meeting were presented and ultimately moved, seconded and passed as follows:

a. Motion #1: Be it resolved that the Ontario Hockey Association Board of Directors hereby approve the meeting minutes from its December 15, 2023 meeting.

b. Motion #2: Be it resolved that the Ontario Hockey Association Board of Directors hereby authorize and approve Mark Seguin as the new representative from the PJHL in place of Andy Tonner following his resignation in late-December, 2023.

c. Motion #3:  Be it resolved that the Ontario Hockey Association Board of Directors hereby authorize and approve the OHA financial statements ending on December 31, 2023

Matters reviewed and discussed at meeting, included but were not limited to the following:

1.       Finances for period ending December 31 of the OHA.

2.         The Oakville Blades have been selected as the prestigious hosts for the Centennial Cup 2024, taking place from May 9th-19th at the Sixteen Mile Sports Complex. The OHA has been asked by the organizers for some financial support of this national championship event.  The OHA would rather be asked by Members (when supported by the Leagues) to provide funding as part of a sponsorship. Over the next month or so, event organizers and the OHA will work together to determine the appropriate amount of money to be presented to the OHA Board for its consideration in support of the event on a sponsorship basis.

3.         OHA Skilled Trades Initiative update – in early-December the OHA submitted an application for the Skills Development Fund: Training Stream established by the Ontario government. The OHA should find out in February if it will receive this grant. If the OHA does receive this grant, the funds will be allocated across the OHA membership for the purpose of promoting education and training in the skilled trades area.

4.         A number of updates regarding various OHA programming and initiatives took place.  These matters included but were not limited to the following:

  • The OHA Competition Committee commenced regular meetings – the purpose of the Competition Committee is –
    • To discuss and review all the aspects of the game for each category and make recommendations that focus on ensuring a level playing field offered by the various categories / leagues.
    • To discuss and review all aspects of the development of team support staff such as coaches, trainers, administrators etc. and develop the required programming, training and education.
  • Maltreatment – a review of the number of occurrences in the OHA this season, as well as the type of occurrences and by which leagues these offenses are taking place in
  • 2024 OHA AGM – Details, including more information on the location for the 2024 event were presented
  • Allan Cup the Dundas Real McCoys will host the Allan Cup again this year. Early planning and details were shared with the group.

5.       The OHA Board and the Commissioners had a robust discussion about the ongoing discussions occurring within the GOJHL about leaving the Hockey Canada structure.  Many of the issues at hand that are at the root of the dissension relate to matters that: (i) may be addressed among the Leagues, such as the development of a comprehensive agreement oriented around an appropriate development model aimed at providing enhanced player movement rules and the inherent costs associated with same (as previously outlined in the Level 5 report prepared for the OHA a few years back and (ii) are otherwise perceived to be overly restrictive rules and regulations emanating from Hockey Canada and the OHF.  While the OHA would prefer that members not pursue a strategy aimed at leaving the OHA, it is committed to providing a safe harbour to all members (including players, staff and families) who wish to remain part of it.  All members must be reminded of the importance of the date of April 15, 2024 – the date that all members must re-apply for membership renewal purposes for the 2024-2025 season.   The OHA will be in a position to better respond to the issue at hand after April 15th and will be in a state of readiness to respond to any issues that arise should some within the GOJHL decide to formally pursue operations outside the Hockey Canada construct. 

About the Ontario Hockey Association

The Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) was founded on November 27, 1890, and is the governing body for the majority of Junior and Senior hockey in the Province of Ontario.  The OHA is a Member Partner of the Ontario Hockey Federation which is one of thirteen Provincial and Regional Branches of Hockey Canada. 

It is comprised of three Junior hockey leagues and two Senior hockey leagues: Junior A – Ontario Junior Hockey LeagueJunior B – Greater Ontario Junior Hockey LeagueJunior C – Provincial Junior Hockey LeagueSenior  – Allan Cup Hockey (AAA) and Ontario Elite Hockey League (AA). For the 2023-24 season, these five leagues encompass 123 teams.

The objectives of the OHA are to foster and encourage the sport of amateur hockey, to conduct competition in the various categories established, to determine teams for entry into the inter-branch competitions that may be provided by Hockey Canada, and to provide for the affiliation of other hockey organizations.

The OHA provides administrative resources, coordinates programs, services and events for hockey participants and provides support to various Development Programs for coaches, officials, trainers and players, Safety and Risk Management Issues and offers resources for Harassment and Abuse education.


For more information or to set up an interview, please contact:

Chris McCleary

General Manager, Operations & Marketing                  

Ontario Hockey Association                            

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